Do not forget – shopping list app

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Don't forget anything about your regular shopping

With this app it’s very easy to manage your shopping and grocery lists

  • All the lists you need
  • Easy introduction of products on the shopping list
  • Product reminder based on your purchase history
  • Templates for introducing multiple products at once
  • Share your shopping lists
  • Introduce amounts, comments on list items
App available in: United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Mexico

All the lists you need

You can have as many lists as you need. Shopping lists for supermarket, birthday, vacation, barbecues, etc.

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Search product

Easy entry of items in the shopping list

As you enter the name of the product, you’ll see a list of the closest ones.

There are more than 1,000 products in the catalog. You’ll find it with a few keystrokes. If it doesn’t exist, you can add it, and it will automatically be included in the catalog.

The products you use most will appear first, to make your shopping list making even easier.

Product purchase reminder

Don’t forget – shopping list, will recommend products based on your history of purchases.

For example, if you buy milk every week, and shampoo approximately every month, the app will recommend these products every week and month respectively.

So you don’t forget anything you might need.

Product recomendation
Shopping list template

Shopping lists templates

The template system allows you to enter multiple products at once in a shopping list. This feature is very useful and saves you from having to enter again and again your most common purchase products in the shopping list.

For example, if you buy every week products like milk, eggs, potatoes, etc. You can add them to a template, and every week, when you create the shopping list, you read the template and all those products will be added automatically to the shopping list.

You can have as many templates as you need

Share shopping lists

Send the shopping list to your family or friends, via email or favorite social media messaging app.

Share list
Product modification

Quantities and comments on list items

You can include any observations in the items of the shopping list.

For example quantity, model, brand, or any other type of information.

Other uses

Even if the app Don’t forget – shopping list is specially designed to manage shopping lists; you can also use it as a simple to-do list, checklist, etc.

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Available in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Mexico

Get it on Google Play